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How it is, but shouldn’t be…

Earlier this year, I received a call from one of the women in the film. Her voice quivered as she spoke and I could tell she was trying very hard not to burst into tears.  (I’ll refer to her as AC1)

 AC1 had been receiving letters which had instructions in them for her to basically deconstruct her business, which supports herself and her kids. If she didn’t, she would suffer consequences. These letters at the time were from an unknown source. She had forwarded them to me and asked for advice. The letters were very caustic, and the verbiage was both unspeakable and terrifying. The letters started by informing her they knew her real name, and then they would write it repeatedly in block letter across the page. They used the term slut and whore over and over in bold. With constant derogatory comments , which don’t need repeating. As each letter progressed, it became apparent that the attacker knew where she lived.. (there is little I can share as they are simply too vile, but this will at least give you an idea of the content)

“I wonder what type of house you have. I will find out soon.”

“I had help finding out about you…..”

“You’re a controlling bitch whose really not in control of her life”

“It doesn’t matter what you call yourself, others will call you a hooker, a whore, a slut… you must hate yourself”

“You have a nice little house. It is nice to drive by and see it. We wonder which room is where you sleep”

“You can’t change the nature of who you are. You fuck and suck men”


“No slight ever goes unnoticed or forgotten”

“What will your family and friends say about you? What will your children say about you?”

And all the time as I read I became aware that this person could be dangerous. They threatened to tell her kids and family and ruin her life, if she didn’t comply. Truly the bolding and repetitiveness of certain words, gave me the chills…. She was called a Slut and a whore all the time revealing intimate details that this person knew about her life.

I told AC1, that if I were he,r I would go to the police, but I’m not her and was not a lawyer or in a place to give her advice, but my thinking was if she complied with their demands, where would it stop. What would they ask for next, would they begin demanding money. She opted to do just that and made a very difficult choice. AC1 went to the local authorities.  However for us, it never really works like that… (I know, you can hear the other shoe getting ready to drop).

When she reported the letters to local law enforcement, she was told that there was nothing that they could do as she didn’t know exactly who this person was and I guess it was just not worth investigating. She was sent home with no help.

Here’s where the story gets good. Last week she made an appointment with a new client who was a member of P411 and gave a reference of a supposed women in this industry. This client was handicapped or supposedly handicapped, I don’t know for sure. AC1 has a large client base of handicapped men, as she sees herself as being healing and finds that she has a spiritual connection with many who suffer from being different from the norm. All public knowledge as she writes about it often. (It’s obvious that they did research on her, yep… I guess this is worth investigating). The gentleman came to her house, and they spoke for about 20 minutes. She said, he was a very nice guy, and of course handicapped or at least pretending to be, so a very typical client for her.

I’m not going to relay the details of the conversation the two of them had. I believe it’s best for her protection. But, suddenly there was a knock on the door, and when she answered it there stood 4 or 5 uniformed officers totally with flack jackets and everything, guns drawn! But it gets better, they were from the violent crimes unit!!!??? And boys and girls, they at that point had no search warrant, but used her escort services to get in the door. She let them in and they stood around as they were then waiting for a search warrant. In conversation, it became apparent that the same guy who wrote those letters that the police couldn’t help protect her from, had written them making up all kinds of stories about weapons etc… and they did figure out how to follow up on that. But it was obvious that they didn’t have enough for an initial search warrant based on his crazy ass letters or the whole disabled rouse wouldn’t have even been necessary. (I did get a copy of a couple of them, and I can tell you that they were actually typed on an old fashion type writer and looked like they were out of some stalker movie!)

According to AC1, after the search warrant arrived, they then began to search her premises and confiscate items. The items that were taken were the following:

Cell Phone
Sex Toys
and a poster that she won at the raffle of the documentary film “American Courtesans”

Yeah really… and from all I can tell that the poster had no evidentiary value, and any cop worth his weight would know that… So to recap, the police wouldn’t protect her, but they seemed to be able to follow up on a lead from her stalker and get in her place using the Handicapped gig, in order to get a search warrant, for a misdemeanor offense.

This is just how it is… but it shouldn’t be. The issue of Sex Worker rights has become both a human and civil rights issue. In this case, the law was used simply to hurt a women who was looking for protection from a sick and twisted soul. This needs to stop and until we stand together unified, it will never happen. Until us women and supporters are able stop cowering in corners like shivering denizens, we will never be able to report, or be free of abuse.

To make matters worse, on the adult boards, so many who really had no idea what was happening, were the first to trash her and that pains me. We live in a subculture of society and if we don’t protect each other who will. Now to be fair. The police after realizing she wasn’t some gun slinging, brothel running momma, backed down and actually slipped out quietly without either handcuffing her or arresting her and tried to leave the building with out letting the neighbors know. (I do applaud you for doing that, but they still took her stuff)

Things need to change… I’m not sure I can say that enough. For those who say they are against sex trafficking, I’d like to help. This is exactly how pimps and traffickers get a hold of their victims. They are adept at creating a chasm between the girls and the authorities, proving that by reaching out for help in the end, will only hurt you, and it is the woman and her family that will ultimately pay for stepping out of line. But this this time it wasn’t a pimp, it was a client and it turns out he wrote these letters to the police while AC1 had been confiding in him about them and he pretended to help.  So on one hand he pretended to help her be her advocate, and all the while he was the one doing the attacking. ( Really to me, this is one of the oldest pimp moves on the book… been there, done that!)

The irony is, he is most likely somewhere right now without a care in the world, while AC1’s life has been altered for good… as there is nothing more terrifying for a Buddha carrying woman on a spiritual path, than a group of cops donning flack jackets with guns drawn, pointing directly at her.

(As a side note, The American Courtesans Project is looking for supporters to help spread the word. We need your help and expertise in the areas of Civil Rights, Legal knowledge, or just your best wishes, and support. For more information on the organization please read my previous post. And to support us simply comment back, or please go to our IMDB page at and like us.)

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